Natalie Rose

a personal blog thereof.

I wish I knew you.

(I feel so alone).

String Nine:

Apricot Orange - The delicious aroma of coffee, the comfort of art and the sweet delicacy of a warm triple chocolate muffin. I enjoy watching you watch them. I felt like we were sitting together. I couldn’t help but laugh at your expressions, and smile when you did. I was disappointed when you left, and I’ll never see you again. (I like your orange hair. Don’t mind those annoying girls. They don’t see things like we do.)

String Eight:

Angel White - God is not an omnipotent being. He is a concept. I am a lost lamb, I am a nun, I am a preacher. I do not believe in your God, but I hold him close in my heart. (At least for today.)

String Seven:

Coral - Stockings, seaside air, dresses, sore feet, red lipstick and empty pockets. Spent the past two days with mummy shopping at the seaside. Too happy and too sleepy to post, so I’m late. But, better late than never, no?

(I bought a tee with Bettie Page on it, and a beautiful white, black and coral dress and a fair few new bras and PJ’s.)

String Six:

Octopi Ruby - Three beautiful books. I’m drowning myself in ink for the next two weeks. (Don’t you just love a bright red octopus?)

(There’s something unbelievably satisfying about this. Knowing that I’m happy, just makes me happier. I never knew I could feel so elated. Just the smallest things make me grin and grin and grin these days.)

String Five:

Cerulean Blue - Don’t let anyone ever tell you that being covered in blue and green paper dots is not a reason to smile. It is.